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Outside seams Baby sleepsuits

All babies are born with extremely delicate skin. 

Choosing the right clothes for your newborn, especially if he/she is a premature baby, has sensitive or eczema-prone skin is every mamas concern.

Gift your little one with comfort and avoid skin irritation by dressing your newborn in natural fabrics. All of our sleepsuit collections are made of natural fibers, such as cotton and/or bamboo. They are soft, smooth, breathable and pleasant to the touch. 

Thick seams are the main cause of irritation on your baby’s delicate skin. Some paediatricians even recommend turning your baby’s clothes inside-out if you face a spike of skin rashes. Our outside stitched baby pajamas were uniquely designed to deliver a skin soothing experience, yet also remain in style. 

Our brand tags and wash labels are sewed on the outside for the same reason. Clothing tags are another potential source of irritation - they are itchy for everyone, so imagine how rough in texture they could be for our little ones with sensitive skin. 

Buttons may need a bit more practice to master during a night change, but pieces with zippers can also cause discomfort. That is why all of our sleeper collections are styled with buttons only. 

Moreover, our most popular footed jumpsuits are designed with double sided folding mitten cuffs, so the babies themselves wont scratch or itch their skin.


Finally, Topsy-Turvy collection offers a special feature that can not only save you some money, but add versatility to your baby's wardrobe. The ankle ribbed detailing can be cut off at the seam and offer more room when your little one becomes not so little anymore. 

Never before has anyone combined style and not only comfort into one for our babies. The numerous features that our sleepsuits offer gives us Mamas peace of mind.

Stop spending on two baby wardrobes; picturesque and everyday essentials!

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Wish I came across your brand earlier! =( My twins were born so tiny and I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t be so rough on their skin

Tanya Iaremchuk

This is so simple but so genius! hehe
Our fav is the new Bamboo in white.

Mila Perisic

I bought one of these about 3 months ago and didnt know it converts to a romper. So excited my daughter can wear it for longer now!

Sophie Moreau